Monday 25 August 2008

Crochet edging

Ok, Yes, I know it isn't tatting...but....I havent managed to finish a crochet item since the dreaded arthritis attacked my hands, Having had an op on each, both good results, thought I would try again. But who in their right mind would make their first try with no 80 thread and a no 1.00 crochet hook?!
From start to finish , albeit in small doses it has taken me almost three weeks to do I row single crochet in each hole, then two rows of the little fan pattern, think it is going to be unique! back to the shuttles, four evenings max for a hankie with one of them( and they look cleverer)

Monday 11 August 2008

Olympic event...Half done marathon

Here is my first attempt at a gold medal!
Two half done hankie edgings finished, Yup TWO of them!!!

Saturday 2 August 2008

Close up of Shawna's snowflake

This is a close-up of the snowflake, Isn't it lovely?

Christmas in July!!

This was my Christmas in July pressie from Shawna, I love the magnetic bead boxes!!
Post it notes,
Bag of beads
Life Saver mints (Polo mints in the UK)
Finca Thread, not seen that before,
Postcard of Holland Harbor Lighthouse,
and a really lovely snowflake,
Thank you Shawna

Friday 1 August 2008

motif 15(second time around)

Another of Jennifer's stretch your mind excersizes,

It has Beads on double picots, and lots of swap shuttles on the last round. It is done in three rounds.

Motif 14 (second time around)

I am sure you all recognise this one, It is a Mary Konier design, the picture doesn't really do the colour justice. It is a delicate peach, in Manuella
thread that I bought when I went to Germany on holiday.

motif 13 (second time around)

Ages since I did anything for my blog! Had computer problems with msn.
This little mat was one of Jennifer Williams' excersises for
us to do at Cardiff Picots,