Sunday, 17 February 2008

spaces on the star!!

I had a question from Jon, asking if I was going to fill in the spaces on my star. The pattern says not, but Jon has given me an idea, I will finish it as the vintage one, then decide. I was looking at the pattern today and it oroginally cost one shilling (Sterling) so my 5p at the jumble sale meant it was exactly the same price at least 39 years later!! I might just write to the Chancellor of the exchequer and cheer him up with the news that I have struck a blow for inflation

motif no 8

I am trying out threads that are new to me. I bought a few balls of this Aquarelle 100% mercerised cotton on eBay,
It wasn't hard to tat with, but is very soft and"floppy" not at all suitable for the bookmark I intended it to be. Very pretty colours though.
I shall have to do a bit more thinking on what I want it to be. Maybe a handkerchief edging? it is soft enough for that. Since I use the hankies I tat around, I do need a soft edging to save me from looking like Rudolf!!!!
Think I may try Rubi next.

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Progress report on star

Here is the first point on my motif star it has 15 motifs on it so far...and an ice cream blodge! will have to get Ron to photograph next time, scanner only did this much.
I have the Vanish ready for when it is finished, it is very good for cleaning up, but I don't relish all that blocking. May do a Jane and try a steam iron and cloth!!!!!

motif no 8

This is the "Two-fer" bookmark by Carolyn Groves, copyright 2003.
I have worked the motif and then joined at the corners as she instructs, it makes a quick and easy slip over the corner of the page bookmark, I used quite a thick thread by Anchor sold in small twisted hanks, This colourway is delightful! about four double stitches to a colour. the tail is done in all first half of the stitch so spiralled, I then tied the two ends over a few pieces of thread then did some whipping near the join....rements of my Girl Guide days!!

Monday, 4 February 2008

motif no. 7 x6

This is a motif made up of six triangles from a very old pattern leaflet that I aquired from a jumble sale for 5p! I intend to make the biggest idea which is a large star 17 inches from point to point, so watch this space!!