Friday, 4 April 2008

My TIAS tulip

First a pink and purple hippo and now a blue tulip, wonder what is next

My odd shuttle!

This is the shuttle I asked about on HBT , I scanned it so not the best photos in the world, but at least my scanner doesn't have camera shake!
The wording on the front is:-
Detach-A-Bobbin above the square and PatApplied for, below the square,
The bobbin is an old Singer sewing machine one, a long bobbin, I imagine you could wind it on the machine if you had that type. Mark suggests that these were made to use up the old bobbins when they changed to round ones. He also says they are heavy and not easy to get in and out. They are tight and if you loosen the grip, they fall out. I haven't actually used it, even though it has a lovely pick on the end. I have limited thumb strength and would need LSS to be taking it out of the shuttle for me. But as a curiosity I love it, may just put it on the shelf with my other strange tatting bits!!