Tuesday, 27 May 2008

motif no 12 (second time around

Oh I do love my Mary Konier books when I need to empty shuttles that have too much on to disgard!
I have used "Babylace" a narrowish edging, using two colours, swapped shuttles when one colour got a bit low,and used the colours the opposite way down the other side.
The tassle is done in the way I usuall do them, just looped through and tightly whipped.

motif no 11 (second time around.

I am very busily emptying shuttles !! I cut the tail first, and then just tatted til I ran out of thread, did my bit of Girl Guide whipping on the tail that was just looped through, and funnily enough...I like the result!

Motifs 9 and 10 (second time around)

These are two small pieces from Mary Konier, I aqired an old book from ebay. I have used the ends of a shuttle full of that Aquarelle thread I bought a while ago. It works very well as a hankie edging, but if you look at the picots closely, you can see it ia a very loosely twisted thread and needs a lot of patience not to keep splitting the thread.