Sunday, 25 November 2007

last update, thank goodness.

I am so pleased that I have all my tatting photos on here now. Hopefully they won't disappear at will! The round motif with a tail is a gorgeous thread from Suetta called Raspberry sherbet, hand died, it is really lovely. The black bookmark is the scarf that I put on the old lady doll. The silver motif was going to be a snood for my long hair...but I had it cut. It is from Mary Maynards book using 4 stitches everywhere.
The snowflake was a challenge, it was the first time I used a diagramm pattern, that was done in Belgium too, I bought the book in Bruges, a snowfake for every day in December. One of a great series of small sized books.
The orange one is one of Jennifer Williams playing with Patterns motifs. And the last one is the really lovely thread from Dorcas in the 2007 thread exchange, she also sent me the beads to go with it.

All the "P" entries

The pink anchor is from a little motif I was sent, I made it too big so added beads and called it a bookmark, they were intended as pins in aid of breast cancer, but I have been selling the bookmarks at twice the price!
The pink motif is the first celtic one I ever did, from a pattern that Mary sent me.
The flower bookmark was a pattern I had from the web, all the long explanations are on the other blog, I haven't found out how to delete that yet, anyone know how please?
The other three are experiments in bith tatting and photography...tatting fair..... photography..oh boy!!

Friday, 23 November 2007

thats it for now!

I have enterered my pictures up to "M" from my files, I have more to put on here, but I have sore fingers today, I will pick up my 25 motif challenge at the end of entering, I think I was on about no 21, but will go from there anyway, And then I will start again. This is most definitely a much easier blog to use, Thank you to Sharon for steering me here!!

The lady in the black stole I am sure that most will recognise the pattern, it is from Mary Koniers bookTatting with visual patterns, The cross I made on the coach whilst touring Belgium.Multi coloured piece is my shuttle emptyings, hexagnol motif from Ring of Tatters book 2000, and the Christmas ring is from a pattern by Jennifer Williams.


The little tablecloth is about three inches square, My daughter Helen made it for me for the dolls house crochted with two strands of sewing cotton in the pineapple pattern, she also made the bag for me to tat on coach rides! The hankie I won 3rd prize this year, 2007, at the Pentyrch show, I was very pleased, you can't tell on this photo but I hadn't quite finished it.

F and G from old blog

The little girl is from my doll's house, I re-did her lace and tatted her an umberella from a cocktail one, stripped down and the spines shortened, Ron took the photo with his clever-clogs camera,deliberate double exposure. the flutterfake was before I discovered scanning my motifs( One of Jane E's ideas) and the little double motif was from Mary Maynards book.

"D" from my old blog

The green one is double picots and the red one is dropped picots from Jennifer's playing with picots.

"C" entries from old blog

Candle and motif made from thread from 2006 thread exchange, the bookmark is from some thick cord-like thread from the same exchange and the hoop is my version of the lovely celtic ring done double sided and threaded with invisible thread and putting a bead inside the centre.

more oldies

Button bookmark adapted from a pattern by Anne at Cardiff Picots and all the butterflies that we did on a workshop with Jennifer Williams called playing with picots. that is all the "B" photos.

more from old blog

This is a brown variagated cross from a little book of crosses

Transfered from old blog!

Blue Celtic Ring

and Bracelet from Jane Eboral's pattern, All my postings are going to by in alphabetical order until I get back to where I was!!

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

My new Blog!

I hope to transfer all my pictures from the old blog onto here, It keeps shutting down on me. So I am taking Sharon's advice and changing the blog site.
It is taking me a while to get my head around it. We haven't had too good a fortnight here. Some charming person in a lorry took off my passenger side wing and tyre and would you believe a chunk out of the alloy wheel too. Then just went merrily on his way without stopping. By the time the nieghbours and Ron went out to see what the bang was, all that could be seen was the tail end of a lorry, going at a rate of knots around the corner of the street. I hope he likes the blue paint he took with him!!