Monday, 25 August 2008

Crochet edging

Ok, Yes, I know it isn't tatting...but....I havent managed to finish a crochet item since the dreaded arthritis attacked my hands, Having had an op on each, both good results, thought I would try again. But who in their right mind would make their first try with no 80 thread and a no 1.00 crochet hook?!
From start to finish , albeit in small doses it has taken me almost three weeks to do I row single crochet in each hole, then two rows of the little fan pattern, think it is going to be unique! back to the shuttles, four evenings max for a hankie with one of them( and they look cleverer)

Monday, 11 August 2008

Olympic event...Half done marathon

Here is my first attempt at a gold medal!
Two half done hankie edgings finished, Yup TWO of them!!!

Saturday, 2 August 2008

Close up of Shawna's snowflake

This is a close-up of the snowflake, Isn't it lovely?

Christmas in July!!

This was my Christmas in July pressie from Shawna, I love the magnetic bead boxes!!
Post it notes,
Bag of beads
Life Saver mints (Polo mints in the UK)
Finca Thread, not seen that before,
Postcard of Holland Harbor Lighthouse,
and a really lovely snowflake,
Thank you Shawna

Friday, 1 August 2008

motif 15(second time around)

Another of Jennifer's stretch your mind excersizes,

It has Beads on double picots, and lots of swap shuttles on the last round. It is done in three rounds.

Motif 14 (second time around)

I am sure you all recognise this one, It is a Mary Konier design, the picture doesn't really do the colour justice. It is a delicate peach, in Manuella
thread that I bought when I went to Germany on holiday.

motif 13 (second time around)

Ages since I did anything for my blog! Had computer problems with msn.
This little mat was one of Jennifer Williams' excersises for
us to do at Cardiff Picots,

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

motif no 12 (second time around

Oh I do love my Mary Konier books when I need to empty shuttles that have too much on to disgard!
I have used "Babylace" a narrowish edging, using two colours, swapped shuttles when one colour got a bit low,and used the colours the opposite way down the other side.
The tassle is done in the way I usuall do them, just looped through and tightly whipped.

motif no 11 (second time around.

I am very busily emptying shuttles !! I cut the tail first, and then just tatted til I ran out of thread, did my bit of Girl Guide whipping on the tail that was just looped through, and funnily enough...I like the result!

Motifs 9 and 10 (second time around)

These are two small pieces from Mary Konier, I aqired an old book from ebay. I have used the ends of a shuttle full of that Aquarelle thread I bought a while ago. It works very well as a hankie edging, but if you look at the picots closely, you can see it ia a very loosely twisted thread and needs a lot of patience not to keep splitting the thread.

Friday, 4 April 2008

My TIAS tulip

First a pink and purple hippo and now a blue tulip, wonder what is next

My odd shuttle!

This is the shuttle I asked about on HBT , I scanned it so not the best photos in the world, but at least my scanner doesn't have camera shake!
The wording on the front is:-
Detach-A-Bobbin above the square and PatApplied for, below the square,
The bobbin is an old Singer sewing machine one, a long bobbin, I imagine you could wind it on the machine if you had that type. Mark suggests that these were made to use up the old bobbins when they changed to round ones. He also says they are heavy and not easy to get in and out. They are tight and if you loosen the grip, they fall out. I haven't actually used it, even though it has a lovely pick on the end. I have limited thumb strength and would need LSS to be taking it out of the shuttle for me. But as a curiosity I love it, may just put it on the shelf with my other strange tatting bits!!

Sunday, 17 February 2008

spaces on the star!!

I had a question from Jon, asking if I was going to fill in the spaces on my star. The pattern says not, but Jon has given me an idea, I will finish it as the vintage one, then decide. I was looking at the pattern today and it oroginally cost one shilling (Sterling) so my 5p at the jumble sale meant it was exactly the same price at least 39 years later!! I might just write to the Chancellor of the exchequer and cheer him up with the news that I have struck a blow for inflation

motif no 8

I am trying out threads that are new to me. I bought a few balls of this Aquarelle 100% mercerised cotton on eBay,
It wasn't hard to tat with, but is very soft and"floppy" not at all suitable for the bookmark I intended it to be. Very pretty colours though.
I shall have to do a bit more thinking on what I want it to be. Maybe a handkerchief edging? it is soft enough for that. Since I use the hankies I tat around, I do need a soft edging to save me from looking like Rudolf!!!!
Think I may try Rubi next.

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Progress report on star

Here is the first point on my motif star it has 15 motifs on it so far...and an ice cream blodge! will have to get Ron to photograph next time, scanner only did this much.
I have the Vanish ready for when it is finished, it is very good for cleaning up, but I don't relish all that blocking. May do a Jane and try a steam iron and cloth!!!!!

motif no 8

This is the "Two-fer" bookmark by Carolyn Groves, copyright 2003.
I have worked the motif and then joined at the corners as she instructs, it makes a quick and easy slip over the corner of the page bookmark, I used quite a thick thread by Anchor sold in small twisted hanks, This colourway is delightful! about four double stitches to a colour. the tail is done in all first half of the stitch so spiralled, I then tied the two ends over a few pieces of thread then did some whipping near the join....rements of my Girl Guide days!!

Monday, 4 February 2008

motif no. 7 x6

This is a motif made up of six triangles from a very old pattern leaflet that I aquired from a jumble sale for 5p! I intend to make the biggest idea which is a large star 17 inches from point to point, so watch this space!!

Saturday, 26 January 2008

Harriett the Hippo!

Here is my finished Tat it and See, It has to be a she one using that colour doesn't it? I used Altin Basak 50 cotton. I was pleased it was a Hippo because that was my guess when all I had was legs, couldn't think of anything else with such stumpy legs. Think I had better do a darker one now and call him Henry maybe.

Thursday, 24 January 2008

I have been tagged !

I have been tagged by Mrs John,
After asking what to goes
Here's the rules:
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself: some random, some weird.
3. Tag 3 people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them).
4. Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment at their blogs.

Seven facts about me....
1. I love making anything rather than buying it, it starts out as I can do that a lot cheaper, but often isn't but so much more satisifying.
2. I have a husband, three daughters, five grand daughters and two grandsons, unfortunately lost the dog just after Christmas 2007.
3. We once walked to the top of Mount Snowden, tallest mountain in Wales, walking back down was a lot harder! took us almost all day to do the round trip, Just crashed out in the tent and moaned the next day!
4. Just had my 65th birthday, but I am only 65 from my neck down, still about 25 from neck up.
5.I already have crocuses and primroses in flower in my pots, and it is only January 24th!! My irisis are about ten inches tall, the magnolia is in heavy bud, soon I will be having flowers for Christmas.
6. I used to be a Tupperware lady, and once came home from a party with a guinea pig in the colander, it needed a home, so it went in with the rabbit that I had aquired while out for a walk one day, (She came home in an electric iron box!!) untill my husband could make another cage. During the day the rabbit and the dog shared the dogs bed in the kitchen and eventually ate the rush mat.Through the years I have had a white mouse called Snowdrop, a great Gerbil called Potter also more gerbils, A stray cat called Moggie and one called Tiger that only I was allowed to handle, and any animal that no-one else wanted.
7. I am a collector par excellent! I collect china dolls, tortoises,Lilliput Lane cottages, but only if I have physically visited the place depicted. Thimbles, Plates, and books, a whole wall full of shelves full of a collection started when I was seven years old.
I am going to tag:-
Jane Eborall...she is fantastic
Sherry because she is so much fun
and Jon because I love her tatting, and keep going back to look!

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

motif No 6

Abby from the US ofA sent me some of my very favourite Altin Basak thread, both in a lovely shell pink and blue through white to pink mix. She also sent me a pattern. Called Small Tatted Heart, designed by Betsy Evans back in 1998. I love it!!
(It would have looked better if I had put the picture the other way up though)

motif no 5

Back to my thread exchange motifs, this little flower is made from an Ecru Hakelgarn no. 20 crochet thread sent to me by Jon in Malasia. It tats beautifully, smooth and firm. Does wonders for my tension!! Thank-you Jon.

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

cotton as opposed to paper tissues.

I hope I have squashed this picture enough for Sharon to deal with, I have been having lessons in using "paint" from my daughter on the other side of England (I live on the bottom side of Wales).
The Sylvia hankie is one that the girls clubbed together for one Mothering Sunday, many years ago and is just simple rings and chains in Size 70 Star cotton.
the next one is Mary Koniers "Honesty" worked in variagated mauves Altin Basik, one of my favorite threads.
The next I can't remember what the pattern is, it is in size 100 Coats cotton, if anyone recognises them please let me know, it took a long time but is lovely and I would like another.
The bottom one is again Altin Basik, same mauves, Just split rings with a trefoil corner, it was just to show my class that you didn't have to be clever to edge a hankie!
There has been a thread on Here Be Tatters about using cotton hankies to save all the landfill problem and to stop us being such a throw away society. Not only that but I have just added 3 tatter-learners to my classes just by having a tatted hankie peeping out of my sleeve!!

birthday gift to me!

I am so pleased, look at what I bought for me!
They are sterling silver and just over half an inch shuttle length, perfectly formed with excellent wires, had to share.